Music Video Channel for Independent Artists!


Video Approval Fee

Here is how you submit your video to be considered on AnthiumTV:

To submit your video for airplay on AnthiumTV is simple. Send us a link to view your video. Your music video will go through a quick quality test to determine if it meets AnthiumTV's guidelines. If approved, you will then be asked to send us your video for airplay on our station.  You can submit your videos in a number of ways in order to get it in our hands. Videos may be sent to us via We Transfer, Dropbox, Hightail or one of the many other media delivering sites.  A video file must be sent in one of the following file formats listed below when approved and does not exceed 5+ minutes in length along with a high res jpeg of the song cover or artist photo. Send the video to the attention of AnthiumTV Tech Support at When accepted, you will need to pay a submission fee of $99.99.

Your video is then sent to AnthiumTV's channel to be inserted into the day to day playlist within 72 hours. We will notify you when your video is live. Your video is guaranteed to stay in rotation for a minimum of 3 months. If your video receives at least 75% positive feedback, it will gain another 3 months and so on until your music video becomes a staple video like the ones you grew up watching on music television and never goes away. Sound easy? We'll it is so let's get your music video up today and get those records sold!

Supported AnthiumTV file formats. Make sure that you’re using one of the following formats when submitting:

.MP4  (Preferred)

You will see our parent company All Access Media, Inc. on your card. Don't be alarmed, that's us! All videos are considered equally and will only be passed upon due to profanity, nudity, hate speeches or racial comments. All parties will be notified if your video is accepted or not. AnthiumTV is an equal opportunity employer. AnthiumTV receives no royalty stake in your music and is not entitled to any royalties that may result from your video being played. AnthiumTV will not use your likeness of any kind without expressed written consent. AnthiumTV shall be held harmless against any results stemming from your video airplay.